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Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency

Prices for energy and many other natural resources are currently low. This should not fool us, however. Natural resources are not endless. Climate change is a reality we have to deal with.

Our economies have already come a long way in dealing with these challenges. Without doubt, the agreement in Paris is a positive step on the road towards a global response to the problem of climate change, but words must now be followed by action. This is no time for complacency. We need to further curtail climate change. And our economies need to adapt further and become more climate change resilient and resource efficient while at the same time ensuring competitiveness, economic growth, and jobs.

A crucial key to this is more innovation. We need to improve energy efficiency, production, and infrastructure. Moreover, many countries around the globe have already embraced the concept of the circular economy. Instead of “make, use and dispose”, in a circular economy we “recover and regenerate”, keeping resources in use for as long as possible. We need to think globally now.

The G20 brings stakeholders together and provides an opportunity to find common ground on better use of energy, climate change, policies and resource efficiency. The B20 stands ready to assist the G20 in its efforts.

B20 Focal Areas

Curtail Climate Change through decisive action following the principles of the Paris Agreement. Carbon pricing mechanisms need to be further developed whilst taking into account competitiveness concerns. The B20 also calls for a stable regulatory framework for low carbon energy investments and supporting infrastructure, while ensuring secure, affordable, and accessible supply.

Foster the Energy Transition through access and innovation. To further accelerate their deployment, we need a coordinated technology policy framework that facilitates increased investments and R&D in the entire energy system. And we need to scale up our efforts to provide energy access for all in Africa and South East Asia.

Advance Resource and Energy Efficiency as key pathways to a sustainable global economy. We need to further decouple population and economic growth from energy and resource consumption. Therefore, the B20 supports efforts for energy and resource efficiency collaboration amongst all G20 members.

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