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11th WTO Ministerial Conference (MC11) - B20 Recommendations for a Modern WTO

The 11th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (MC11) from 10th to 13th December 2017 in Buenos Aires will be an early highlight during the Argentine G20 presidency. On this occasion, B20 published a summary of WTO related facts and positions. The new Chair of the official G20 business dialogue, Business 20 (B20), Daniel Funes de Rioja, commented “Today, it is more imperative than ever to strengthen the WTO and the rules-based multilateral trading system. We need effective monitoring as well as dispute settlement.” The B20 Germany Chair, Jürgen Heraeus, added: “We need a modern WTO to reflect 21st century trade. This includes digital trade and investment facilitation but also more measures to support SMEs.” While expectations for MC11 remain low, business calls, among others, for decisions that prepare the ground for work on key trade issues and improvements of the multilateral trading system at a later stage. Furthermore, it is an important goal of MC11 to renew the commitment to the WTO by all Members.

Read the full recommendations here.

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