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B20 Germany Process Evaluation: Your experience with B20 Germany

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B20 is a member-driven process. Our success would not have been possible without the engagement and enthusiasm of the B20 Germany members. Therefore, B20 Germany asked its members to share their opinion on the content and organization of the past B20 cycle. The results are captured in the B20 Germany Process Evaluation.

The B20 Germany cycle was a challenging one. It was both short, considering that the B20 Summit took place in early May due to the G20 Summit at the beginning of July, and demanding due to the broad agenda of the German G20 Presidency and the difficult geopolitical environment. Given these circumstances, we are proud of how much we have achieved. This would not have been possible without the engagement, strong support, and enthusiasm of the B20 Chairman, the B20 Execu­tive Committee, the B20 Chairs and Co-Chairs, and the B20 membership as well as the support of the Know­ledge, Network, and Concept Partners.


On November 1st, we handed over the B20 Presidency to B20 Argentina. It was thus time to evaluate our own B20 process and identify lessons learned for future B20 cycles. Our report “B20 Germany Process Evaluation” assesses the overall B20 Germany process and organization. The goal of the B20 Germany Process Evaluation is to ensure both the effectiveness and legitimacy of the B20 within the G20. It is based on a survey distributed to all members of the B20 working groups, the Chairs and Co-Chairs, as well as to the Knowledge Partners, Network Partners, and Concept Partners. The survey considered various stages in the process, evaluating among others the engagement in B20 Germany, the thematic focus, and policy recommendations as well as the B20 events and advocacy activities.


The survey and the report were developed by the B20 Germany team with great support, commitment, and efforts by all B20 Germany members. As global challenges call for global solutions, the significance of the G20 and B20 processes and exchanges is steadily increasing. A continuous evaluation of closed and on-going B20 processes is therefore more necessary than ever in order to increase performance, effectiveness, and legitimacy. We hope that this process evaluation will become an inherent component of every B20 Presidency, as we are convinced that it will have a positive effect on dealing more efficiently with global issues.

You can read our B20 Germany Process Evaluation here.

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