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G20 Business Summit Publication is online

The G20 Business Summit publication has been launched. The publication offers an in-depth look into some of the major topics that are being discussed on the B20 and G20 agenda this year. The B20 Germany team is featured with statements by B20 Chair, Jürgen Heraeus, and B20 Sherpa Annika-Stormy Mildner.

The B20 Executive Committee is featured with statements by Dieter Kempf, President of the BDI, Ingo Kramer, President of the BDA, and Eric Schweitzer, President of the DIHK.

Oliver Bäte, B20 Chair Financing Growth and Infrastructure and CEO of Allianz Deutschland calls for certainty and cooperation to improve the global investment climate. The Chair of our Task Force on Energy, Climate and Resource Efficiency, Kurt Bock, CEO of BASF, stresses the importance to implement the Paris Climate Agreement and the necessity to establish a climate-friendly, innovative world economy. Lastly, B20 Task Force Chair Digitalization, Klaus Helmrich, CEO of Siemens, argues that successful global connectivity will increase welfare and growth.

Please follow the link to access the publication:

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