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The Upcoming Argentinian B20 Presidency

B20 Argentina Team

The German B20 Presidency will be coming to an end in the next few months, as the G20 Presidency will be assumed by Argentina in December 2017. The Argentine B20 will be led by Daniel Funes de Rioja in the role of B20 Chair, which was designated by the Argentina government. Mr. Funes de Rioja was formerly the President of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and also participated extensively in the B20 Germany process as Co-Chair of the B20 Germany Employment and Education Taskforce. There will be two B20 Argentina Sherpas, Carolina Castro (Executive Sherpa) and Fernando Landa (Policy Sherpa).

Since Germany’s B20 Summit, the team in Argentina has been carrying out an event series, entitled “en route to the G20 Argentina”. In September, Mr. Funes de Rioja will speak on a joint panel with B20 Germany at the WTO Open Forum in Geneva. Likewise, the future B20 Argentina Chair and Sherpas, together with the B20 Germany team, will be presenting on the “Road to B20 Argentina” at an OECD event, co-organized with BIAC (Business and Industry Advisory Committee) in Paris. In addition, the teams of B20 Germany and B20 Argentina will be holding working meetings in Berlin around this time in order to facilitate the transfer of the presidency from Germany to Argentina.

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