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Towards a Strong and Effective G20

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B20 Chair, Dr. Jürgen Heraeus emphasized in his opinion piece in the German magazine Handelsblatt that “no other forum offers more potential and legitimacy than the G20: Its members represent all global regions, different social orders, and diverse development levels.”

“On December 1, Germany will, for the first time ever, take over the rotating G20 presidency. This is a great opportunity to develop the G20: From a crisis manager to a long-term oriented, strategic actor in global economic policy.”, so Dr. Heraeus.  

He added: ”It can and has to do more to promote sustainable growth through coordinated action. Measures must not merely be reactive but have to be much more strategic and future-oriented. “ 

“To increase the impact and appropriateness of G20 decisions, the participation of private business and civil society in the decision-making process is indispensable. They can make crucial contributions to the right prioritization, the design of concrete measures, and their implementation. Therefore, already in 2010 the G20 introduced an engagement process with the global business community and other societal actors.”, stressed Dr. Heraeus.

Link to the article: Handelsblatt

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