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Mandelbaum: G20 and B20 on Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption

Picture of Jorge Mandelbaum, President of CIPPEC

George Mandelbaum, President at CIPPEC Chief and Co-Chair of the B20 Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption Cross-thematic Group, on the G20 and B20 on Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption.

A good part of the corporate world has come to realize that "good practices" make good business. This has moved Responsible Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption to the forefront of the agenda of many. The mere fact that Compliance officers have acquired such importance and influence over corporate decisions speak for itself. Therefore, it only makes good sense to also put both topics high on the B20 agenda. For business representatives and experts, the B20 process is a great opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences that should not be missed.

The incentives have yet to be created. What we have seen so far are more sticks than carrots.

I think that compliance officers should understand themselves much more as educators than as policemen. Many companies have come to realize the difference lately and are now adjusting their approaches to compliance.

 The G20 should address the issue straightforward because it is in the best interest of governments to have credible methods for encouraging Responsible Business Conduct and combatting corruption. Both ideas have acquired an extraordinary and unprecedented importance lately. While there have been discussions and commitments with regard to Anti-Corruption at the political level for a while, in many cases, not much has actually been done. I think it is time to cooperate with business and civil society and speed up the action.

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