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B20 Chair 

The B20 Chair leads the B20 process and represents the B20 vis-à-vis governments, the international business community and the public at large.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is constituted by the presidents of BDI, BDA and DIHK. The Executive Committee takes fundamental decisions concerning B20 by consensus and instructs the B20 Sherpa.

B20 Sherpa

The B20 Sherpa is responsible for operational management of the B20 presidency and supports the B20 Chair. She also reports to the B20 Executive Committee and executes its orders. She is responsible for the Taskforces (TFs) and Cross-thematic Groups (CTGs) assigned to the B20 Secretariat by the Executive Committee, for the organisation of B20 events, for advocacy, and for general communication. She also supplies basic orientation for the B20 recommendations and oversees the process of preparing policy papers. The work of the B20 Sherpa is supported by a B20 Secretariat (policy managers, project managers and project assistants) and Mr. Robert Milliner, the 2014 B20 Sherpa during the Australian Presidency, who will act as a Special Advisor to the Executive Committee.

Business Advocacy Caucus

The Business Advocacy Caucus (BAC) comprises about sixty CEOs and business organisation leaders from the G20 states. The members will be appointed by the B20 presidency. The main task of the BAC is public and political advocacy of the B20 recommendations to enhance the visibility and legitimacy of the B20.

Outreach Committee

The representatives of the other G20 Engagement Groups (C20, L20, S20, T20, W20 and Y20) form a joint Outreach Committee to ensure the inclusivity and legitimacy of the B20 process.

B20 Troika

The Sherpas from B20 Germany, B20 China and B20 Argentina form an advisory committee to ensure the continuity and coherence of the B20 process.


The Taskforces (TFs) develop recommendations and concrete policy proposals. Their members are senior representatives of businesses, associations and organizations. Each TF has a Chair who chairs its sessions, guides the drafting of policy papers and presents the TF’s recommendations in public and political forums. Each chair may be assisted by several Co-Chairs. Chairs and Co-Chairs are appointed by the B20 presidency; they are CEOs, supervisory board members and association principals from the G20 states. Their role is to enhance the visibility and inclusivity of the B20.

Cross-thematic Groups

The Cross-thematic Groups (CTGs) have the same structure and working processes as TFs. They also draft policy papers with recommendations and concrete policy proposals to the G20. SMEs, responsible business conduct and anti-corruption are per se cross-thematic issues. In order to take these into account across all B20 recommendations and to have expertise from all thematic areas represented in CTGs, simultaneous membership in a TF and a CTG is encouraged. However, stand-alone memberships in CTGs are also possible.

Knowledge Partners

Knowledge Partners are consulting firms that fulfil important tasks in the B20. They work with the B20 Secretariat and representatives of the TF chairs to prepare B20 policy papers – under the oversight of the Secretariat and on the basis of the discussions in the TFs and CTGs. Knowledge partners also supply inputs (such as econometric calculations and case studies) and support the B20 Secretariat in coordination processes (for example consolidating submissions from TF members, organising telephone conferences and meetings) and preparation of contributions (for example overview of G20 and other global initiatives, relevant statistics, problem analysis etc.).

Network Partners

Network Partners are international business organisations and networks. They provide essential support to TFs/CTGs by feeding in their expertise as well as by engaging their broad international constituency in TF/CTG activities, and disseminating recommendations. The Network Partners also support TF/CTG advocacy activities and may participate in organising B20 events.

Concept Partners

Concept Partners are initiatives or organizations that are experts and stakeholders for specific issues. They provide their expertise in the drafting of recommendations and play an important role in setting up the agenda of the respective TF/CTG.



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